To become aware is comforting. To see the vision is exciting. To adopt a purpose, to define a goal, to make plans motivate. To apply the plan step by step starts the change and delivers the solution. To reach a solution is the success and development itself.
Realising potential,
Defining the mission, vision,
Defining a goal,
Planning action steps
Implementing the plan with determination
Achieving the desired result, solution.
in these services it provides to individuals and corporates, uses one of the most effective methods in transformational coaching; "Solution Focused Coaching" applications of Erickson College and five basic principles of Dr. Milton Erickson.
These principles are:
1- Every person is competent as he is.
2- Every person has the resources he needs.
3- There is a positive intention under each behavior.
4- Every person chooses the best among those that     exist at that time.
5- Change is inevitable.
During the coaching process, the company adopts methodologies which include tools and processes that pay attention to the working and learning stages of the brain and which are shaped as a result of many years of work carried out by experts.
With the powerful questioning method that includes all of the concepts of identity, values, abilities, behaviours and environment, Visumcoaching makes individuals and corporates experience their perception positions.
The company provides support to its customers to determine change processes, define and implement their action plans. It makes them notice the motivation they have which is necessary for them to continue with determination on the path to the solution.
Visum contributes to the process in which customers understand about and develops the creativeness concept, with its different approach to the point of view.

Visum provides One to One and Corporate Coaching Services to individuals, teams and organizations on subjcts such as realizing potential, defining vision, mission and goals, planning and implementing action steps with determination & building teams

Visum prepares coaching and leadership trainings for individuals and corporates according to their needs. With the effective and practical tools and process methods presented with these trainings it is aimed to reach to bigger number of individuals and employees of corporates.

Visum, provide Human Resources Consultancy Services with the belief & approach that everybody is OK and have the full potential.

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